Friday, February 17, 2012

Kate McCann - Letter To Paulo Rebelo

(In English)
Orchard House

Mr Paolo Rebelo
Policia Judiciaria

4th December 2007

Dear Mr Rebelo,

I hope that you do not mind me writing to you and that you will read my letter. I am Madeleine McCann's mother.

I am not sure if you are a parent or not, but for my husband and myself, and the whole of our family, the last 7 months has been the most difficult, sad and unbearable time that any parent could possibly imagine. Madeleine is the most precious thing in our life.

As her mother, the pain and anxiety I feel for her is indescribable and the feeling of helplessness - overwhelming. The "accusations" and media smearing, although upsetting, are very much secondary.

I am appealing to you as a fellow human being, to work with us (if possible include us) and to remember that we are Madeleine's parents and have needs.

With regard to this latter point, I would be grateful if were able to keep us informed to some degree as to how the investigation is going - what work is being done to help find our daughter etc.

I'm sure you will agree that this request is not unreasonable and is in fact, humane.

I am fairly familiar now with the workings of "judicial secrecy" but even if we could have a little bit of information in the broadest of terms it would help.

Lack of communication and a void of information, particularly as the parent of a missing child, is torture.

We will continue to work with the PJ (and we are keen to do so as soon as possible!) as we have done since that moment when I discovered that Madeleine had been taken.

This shouldn't be about "finger pointing blame" nor should it be about differences in culture.

It should be about a beautiful, innocent little girl who is still missing.

She is the victim in all of this.

It would be good for Madeleine if we could all work together to help find her and the person(s) who took her.

I would be very grateful if you could give some thought and consideration to my letter and look forward to your reply. I can only ask.

Yours sincerely,

Kate McCann