Saturday, April 7, 2012

Kate #McCann - Reconstructing Folklore Opposed To Gerry McCann's 'Night Vision'

Latest Swedish interview when questioned on last memories of Madeleine - Gerry McCann had no problem looking down on Madeleine from the open door therefore she could clearly be seen as he watched her sleep and had his 'beautiful' thought.  Matt Oldfield however could not only NOT see Madeleine, he claims he could also NOT see the bed she occupied !!!

Kate McCann on her 'check' at 10pm also had trouble seeing the bed  and  of course Madeleine, she claimed it was dark, she did not want to turn the light on to wake the children..and she thought is Madeleine there ?

Gerry McCann: "I think the strongest memory I have is of really, the photograph that was the last photograph we have of her and, errr... you know, we'd had a lovely holiday. Madeleine was having a great time and just after lunch we went over to the pool area and, errr... she was sitting there paddling in the pool and I was sitting next to her and she turned round and she's just beaming. And then the... the last time I saw her, which was probably minutes before she was taken, when she was lying asleep, and it's terrible how... I've said this a few times but I had one of those poignant moments as a parent where... I went into her room, and the door was open, and I... I just paused for a second and I looked, and she was sound asleep, and I thought how beautiful she was. The twins were asleep in the... in their cots and I thought how lucky we were. And within, you know, minutes that was shattered!"

Matthew Oldfield Gaffe !

Thursday, April 5, 2012

#McCann : Kate McCann - Her Bruises Explained Away By Her Very Good Friend Fiona Payne.

Kate McCann was frightened and the sensation of not being able to do anything made her angry, howling and punching and kicking walls – the reason why she was covered in bruises the next day, according to the statement of Fiona Payne.

Questioned if the twins didn't wake up, at all, she said they didn't and Kate kept going into the twins, kept putting her hands on the twins to check they were breathing, as she seemed very much concerned in checking they were okay.

Fiona Payne remembered that the twins never wake up, with all the noise, the screaming and the shouting, not even when police came and the lights were turned on – something that she thought, at the time, was weird.