Friday, February 17, 2012

Kate McCann : The McCanns Moved The Twins Cots To 'Stage' An Abduction

Kate McCann, unaware it was the same cleaner in their apartment the day of their arrival , April 28th, who took charge of a delivery for TWO cots , the same cleaner who saw Wednesday May 2nd , the cots had been seperated, placed  now in different rooms, one with the parents, the other in the room it is alleged Madeleine had used .

The McCanns when made arguidos realized  from questions being asked of them that the maid had given the police a witness statement . Kate lied and tried to explain there were three I have already stated the parents were oblivious to the fact that the very same cleaner took delivery of  only TWO cots. Such a little slip-up but IT proved beyond doubt ALL of the Tapas 9 had lied.

By May 3rd , the McCanns had placed both cots together and staged their own childs abduction.

Kate McCann, by her own admission in her May 4th statement clearly states there were TWO cots. BUT by the time Kate became an ARGUIDA she had added a THIRD cot to try and confuse the maid's testimony.

The Maid

She remembers that when preparing this apartment, she had just been notified that the apartment was to be occupied by 5 (five) people; she was unaware of children in the group.

However, at the exact moment when she and her colleague DTNA were preparing the room, personnel from the company MARK WARNER entered the apartment and proceeded to place TWO children's beds.

Kate McCann Statement May 4th 2007

The apartment has two beds in one bedroom, and two in another one, plus TWO cots on loan from the Ocean Club, as well as a bathroom and a kitchen.

Gerry McCann also confirms in his statement May 4th there were TWO cots

Kate McCann Arguida Statement

Regarding the layout of the apartment, she says that on the first day the moved the furniture: they moved the TWO cribs out of their room and put them in another, where the children were to sleep; they separated the two twin beds in this room.

They also joined the two single beds that were in their room. She presumes that the cribs, when in their room, remained at the foot of the beds.

She also says that when she arrived there weren’t two but THREE cribs in the same place, one was lent to the Payne family.

The room: Madeleine's bed, left, the twins' cots and an empty bed under the shuttered window
The room: Madeleine's bed, left, the twins' cots and an empty bed under the shuttered window

Memories: Madeleine at 2.29pm on the day she disappeared