Saturday, February 18, 2012

Kate McCann : May 3rd 2007 - Kate Rang Friend Jon Corner And Told Of A Broken Shutter - This Was A Lie.

American criminal profiler Pat Brown in Portugal doing her own investigation on the McCanns alleged abduction. On the night of May 3rd, the parents of Maddie spent much time phoning friends and family in England telling of a smashed, jemmied ,broken shutter, they lied BUT by May 4th ALL British media outlets were reporting a break-in.

Also,bear in mind Gerry McCann expects the world to believe that while he was standing in front of his apartment after checking on his children and according to him ALL three were present and sleeping, an abductor was in the process of forcing open the shutter and neither he nor Jez Wilkins heard this noise....Pat Brown explains

Lets recap ,we have Kate telling untruth's about a broken shutter plus her deleted phonecalls - BOTH red flags of deep deception.