Monday, February 27, 2012

Kate McCann : Monday May 14th 2007 - In Her Own Words 'She Slept Well'

Kate McCann felt very calm and relaxed May 14th, for she was aware Robert Murat ( innocent Robert Murat) was about to be made an arguido, Murat was to become the prime suspect in her 'missing' daughters disappearance. Kate , how did she respond to what must have been the longest day, desperate hours for any anguished mother , this was the man who may have raped and murderered her three year old child? did she wait for news at the police station , did she beg the police to ask Murat what he had done with her little M ? NO, Kate went jogging , she was feeling really quite calm and her husband put on a great performance. The McCanns clearly do not do GUILT.

Hindsight can be a wonderful thing but in the case of Kate Healy it is a truly chilling thought . If Portugal supported the death penalty, Kate would have been content to see Robert Murat go to the gallows for her own mistakes  this must strike horror into the heart's of most but more so for Susan Healy, the mother who gave birth to this ONLY child !

MONDAY, MAY 14: I slept well last night after a not very good end of the day, frustration with the FLO (Portuguese police family liaison officer) asking me where would my little M be.

I got up at 06.50. I dealt with some trifles and got myself ready for the statement to the press at 08.00.

I tried to put on a slightly more presentable and "healthy" air. Gerry again gave a great performance.

Following on we answered about four questions. I almost responded to the first one asking how we were, but I didn't. I did answer a question on our possible return home. I replied that obviously I didn't even think about that. Anyway, it seemed to have gone well. After breakfast and our having left S and A, (twins Sean and Amelie, then aged two) we went to church to pray in silence. Very good, calming.

After getting back I decided to go running—for the first time since THE day (already 11 days ago). I knew that it was going to be physically difficult, but I also knew that I wasn't going to give up, because it was for Madeleine and also because the level of pain is far higher now.

No cameras or journalists, which was great. I went running towards the beach and then along it and again climbed that hill so steep —without stopping! (I carried a photo of M in my hand to keep me going.) On the last hill past the tennis courts my legs completely weak, but I managed to keep myself walking. I managed to reach the apartment then time to stop—to think—I felt really quite calm.