Friday, May 25, 2012

Kate #McCann : Horoscope.


Kate Mc Cann’s Horoscope has a Yod to Pluto.

Yods are a challenge anyway, but her’s is with the North Node also and with Pluto means that her souls evolution is very much involved in secrets, cover ups, the taboo, sex and death. 

Pluto is quincunx Mercury, so she has a forensic mind.

Obsessive and attentive to detail.

It could be the mind that anticipates what a police investigator may look at.

As a lover, Mercury is conjunct Venus make her charming and witty.

Pluto quincunx Venus is a Persephone signature.

Her Venus on Sualocin in the dolphin makes her quite naive when it comes to romance and the Mercury conjunct Venus adds to the childlike innocence.

As a mother the story is different by total contrast, Pluto is trine her Moon, making it another Hades Moon.

That Moon could be on fixed star Capulus in constellation Perseus situated in the sword that cut off Medusa’s head.

Capulus is the male Lilith, very violent and raging sexual aggression.

Its almost as notorious as it’s neighbour Algol. But as we don’t have her time its actually unfair to suppose this is the case.

Saying that her Moon could even be on Algol.

 So the moons position in terms of the stars is only speculation.

 We can be sure her Moon is in constellation Perseus though, The Gorgon Slayer. However her Moon is still not not far off Lilith, and they are both trine Pluto…. so possibly a very black Moon then.

Kate McCann is like a child with very dark adult emotions that she cannot handle.

It almost describes her as the abused child.

Apparently she became hysterical and immediately screamed that Madeleine had been abducted, would suggest she is projecting her own chart here.

 Lilith features so strongly, it is also square both Venus which I think it quite dangerous in the sense she could really manipulate and bewitch men to do what she wants for them.

The Lilith square Mercury could describe the child stealing Lilith also.

I think however she is the type of woman who attracts Plutonic types to her having now looked at Gerry’s chart.

A lot of people like to blame the mother, but maybe she is not really as “evil” as perhaps her chart makes out.

UPDATE! On checking her true Lilith position I realized that if she was born any time up to 11am she would have moon conjunct Lilith.

Her true and mean Liliths are conjunct making them extra powerful.

Make of that what you will if the moon governs ones style of mothering or relationship with mother.

If she is born later the Moon is on Algol the Lilith star, if earlier it’s on Lilith itself. So there is no escape from baby stealing Lilith. Very sad.